Reimagining how mental healthcare reaches millions

Industry: Healthcare, Technology
European presence:
Netherlands, Germany, UK
Invested: 2011

The future of mental healthcare

  • Cost-effective, seamless e-health solutions
  • Innovative technology combined with leading-edge mental health expertise
  • Facilitating lasting behavioural change

Each year, 1 in 4 adults in the major economies experiences mental health issues. E-mental healthcare offers a cost-effective way of addressing this need, and often delivers better patient outcomes.

Minddistrict's easy-to-use platform enables interventions to be tailored to the current needs of individual clients. It includes flexible, high quality content modules in multiple languages, managed services and systems integration to ensure rapid implementation, and round-the-clock support for mental health professional users.

Why we invested
Founder and CEO Mark Willems had an impressive track record in the sector, and his passion, commitment to e-health and creative thinking inspired us. Momentum was growing in e-mental healthcare in the Netherlands, the market opportunity was clear, and we shared Mark’s vision that Minddistrict had the potential to achieve market leadership – in the Netherlands, across Europe and even globally.

How we helped 
We made a substantial investment to enable Mark and his team to accelerate Minddistrict's growth.  Pim van de Riet joined the board as Non-Executive Director, sharing our network, expertise and experience to help build a presence in new European markets: "Breezeholme's investment gave Minddistrict the platform to execute far more rapidly on their corporate development programme. The experience we brought to the board enabled Minddistrict to break into critical new geographical markets at exactly the right moment".

The story so far
With its innovative approach to blending face-to-face and online care, increasing access to services and improving patient outcomes Minddistrict is now the Dutch e-mental health market leader. Two-thirds of mental healthcare providers in the Netherlands use e-health solutions, and some of the world's leading academic e-mental health research programmes are based there.

The company now also has licensees in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK. Customers include leading clinics and major public and private healthcare providers, and has established a global network of research partnerships. With smart interventions pushing the capabilities of Minddistrict’s solutions to a new level, the company is positioned to extend its leadership across Europe and into other international markets.