Connecting patients with medical innovation

Industry: Healthcare, Business Services
European presence: Netherlands, Belgium
Invested: 2014

Supporting cutting-edge medical research

  • Connecting vascular and cardiovascular clinical trial sponsors with clinicians and trial sites
  • Ensuring faster patient recruitment
  • Delivering key support services for investigation sites
  • Maintaining close advisory links with world-leading clinical specialists

Our knowledge centre and helpdesk services, documentation, product literature, and research centre management advice maximise efficient patient recruitment, whilst ensuring clear communication throughout the trial process.

Why we invested
We saw exciting potential to extend VRN's successful business model and strong position in the Dutch market into other European countries, particularly Belgium, a key market with the shortest clinical trials application timescale in Europe. With significant experience of the clinical trials sector, a track record of building European SMEs and an ability to support quick roll-out into new European markets, we were a strong partner for VRN.

How we helped
We worked with the VRN team to bring large-scale cardiovascular clinical trials to Belgium. We assisted with legal incorporation in Belgium, and our central services team provided support in contracts, documentation and legal secretarial requirements. Breezeholme's CEO Pim van de Riet is a Director of VRN, providing strategic and financial leadership and liaising with the Dutch business. We are helping the company to leverage valuable synergies within our portfolio, particularly with The Clinical Company.

The story so far
VRN is rapidly growing its market presence in Belgium and has established a network of more than 30 dedicated trial sites and investigators, which complements the company's 50-site network in the Netherlands. They key clients are large pharmaceutical sponsors and CROs. Once this phase of growth has been consolidated, we anticipate further expansion into other key European countries.