Capital investment

for visionary entrepreneurs

Breezeholme provides venture and growth capital to dynamic, innovative SMEs with the potential to achieve success at the pan-European level in healthcare, business services and technology.

We are long-term partners

We believe business success is always built around strong long-term relationships with customers, employees and suppliers. That’s our investment philosophy, too.  We are a long-term partner on the exciting – if unpredictable – growth journey which lies ahead, sharing the risks and hard work involved in creating successful growth.

We create European market-leading businesses

The SMEs we support all have a scalable business model and define their market at the European level. Our unique approach and skill set is helping to create the next generation of market-leading European SMEs.

Development Stage

Seed capital, early stage and more established but rapidly growing companies.  We may consider turnaround situations. 

We understand the challenges for emerging businesses as they grow in size and complexity and can help find solutions quickly and efficiently.

Target Sectors

SMEs operating at the intersection of healthcare, business services and technology.  

We have a wealth of knowhow and a strong network across these sectors, which we share with our companies to ensure they achieve their full potential.

Funding Commitment

Capital investment of €100k-€500k in return for an equity stake in the business.

We create the opportunity for our companies to move forward boldly and with confidence. We take a pragmatic and flexible approach to evaluating and structuring each investment.

Geographic Location

The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the UK. 

We have a presence, network and experience in all these markets. We look for business ideas with the potential for success at a European or even global level. We will help you to get there.

Does your business fit our investment criteria?

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