January 21, 2015

This is the year of therapist and client, says Minddistrict CEO

2014 was a good year for ehealth, with Apple and Samsung, Google, Philips and Qualcomm stepped into the world of health apps. With the news apps launched by these 'giants', personal health information can be collected and presented.

For Minddistrict, the central interest remains how a therapist can improve the treatment by involving the client actively using eHealth and mHealth (mobile health). 2015 will therefore be the year of the therapist and the client: "We will work to improve health care along with the therapist and client by involving them more actively in the developmental process", says Mark Willems, CEO of Minddistrict.

It will be a year to examine in greater detail what works best for therapists and counsellors, as well as for clients, he explains: a series of personal interviews supported by online 'homework' modules; clients registering their feelings and behaviour in the diary-app, so that modules and counselling can be adjusted; supporting and challenging clients by regularly sending ultra-short messages or responding to urgent questions through a video sessions.

The year 2015 for Minddistrict will be dominated by ease and convenience. How can seamless health be made so easy that both therapist and client want to try it? With a modern and clear interface, helpful tutorials and a comprehensive library, says Willems, but also by using the huge amount of data on therapists and clients already available in their platform.