Focus, partnerships and values

are the foundations of business success

We are committed to working with European SMEs, and understand the challenges they face. We build long-term partnerships with our companies, based on our strong values.

Breezeholme Investment Group, founded in 2009, is an investment management and advisory firm focusing on driving the growth of European SMEs. We provide venture and growth capital to dynamic, innovative SMEs  headquartered in Benelux, Germany or the United Kingdom which have the potential to achieve success at the pan-European level in healthcare, business services and technology. 

We support our portfolio companies' drive for growth, international expansion and operational excellence through a distinctive and hands-on approach, complimented by our strong network. Through our Central Services Group we provide our portfolio companies with best-in-class support, allowing management to focus on developing their businesses. 

Our portfolio companies deliver above average growth, innovation and value creation.

We are passionate about European SMEs.

SMEs are the engine of European economic growth, the main driver of innovation and job creation. With their capacity to respond quickly to the continuously evolving business environment, SMEs are vital for a healthy European economy.  Stimulating entrepreneurship is essential for competitive and efficient markets.

We understand the challenges they face.

In the aggressive, ever-changing global business environment, fast-growing businesses need to develop new capabilities - strategic planning, people management, decision-making systems, IT, accounting - without losing their focus on the core business.  But that often means diverting precious resources from establishing their market presence. We enable management to build their business continuously.

We help unlock their full potential.

Our goal is to enable European SMEs to focus on what they do best and build their core business. We help them to accelerate their growth by offering capital investment, active involvement and a range of central services. We share the risks and hard work involved in creating a future European market-leading business. Together we achieve results.


Our vision, dedication and proven track record means we are a strong partner focused on delivering results.


There is no hidden agenda. We are always straightforward and share our views openly.


We are excited about the growth opportunities for our companies and believe success is within reach.


We help make bold decisions and finely-balanced judgments at critical moments.