Britta Vonk
+31 85 744 0600
Office Management

Britta is Head of Office Management Services. Based in the Netherlands, she and her team provide office management and administrative support directly to Breezeholme’s portfolio companies, enabling them to focus on their core business and benefit from economies of scale. Her areas of responsibility include central purchasing of external services and supplies (printing, stationery, telecoms, insurance etc), and day-to-day office management activities such as front-end website maintenance and invoice processing. Britta has a Bachelor degree in Communications and speaks fluent Dutch and English. 


While studying for her degree, Britta worked as an intern for Amsterdam-based brand and advertising specialist Noise. Working on web content management systems for a large retailer, she gained experience of managing systems and processes which are critical to business success. Since joining Breezeholme in 2011, she has taken responsibility for the administration of our own head office as well as providing key services for portfolio companies.  She has played a key role in supporting the companies’ growth and expansion, ensuring that their needs continued to be met as they became more complex.


Brittas exceptional time management and organizational skills enable her to keep numerous and diverse administrative tasks under complete control. She is confident and knowledgeable about how to use technology to improve quality and efficiency of the services she manages, and negotiates effectively with suppliers with a value for money mindset. With a collaborative style and commitment to teamwork, she co-operates on a daily basis with portfolio companies and her Breezeholme colleagues to deliver services seamlessly.