Breezeholme invests in truly European SMEs

"SMEs which have a scalable business model and define the market for their products or services at the pan-European level" 

  • We look for business ideas which have significant market potential
  • The sectors we invest in place a premium on innovation, which has no geographic limits
  • Our skills and experience make us an effective partner for European SMEs

SMEs are the beating heart of the European economy

  • 99% of all businesses in Europe are SMEs
  • Between 2002 and 2010, 85% of net new jobs in the EU were created by SMEs1 

"Around the world, the SME sector is a vital engine of innovation and job creation. Understanding the real opportunities and challenges shaping the future of SMEs, then, is a matter of the highest importance."

(Oxford Economics, How successful SMEs are reinventing global business)

"Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the engine of the European Economy.  They are a source of essential jobs, create entrepreneurial spirit and innovation in the EU and are thus crucial for fostering competitiveness and employment."

(Günter Verheugen, Member of the European Commission, Responsible for Enterprise and Industry)

The European business environment can be challenging for SMEs

  • economic uncertainty
  • rising costs
  • increasing competition
  • pressure to innovate
  • competition for talent
  • regulatory requirements
  • language and cultural differences

Despite this, many SMEs are ambitious and optimistic

“[They] believe they not only are equipped to compete with larger firms, but actually have some advantages over them…they are thinking and acting globally, competing with rivals of all sizes – including much larger firms – and investing aggressively in technology to improve operations and make themselves more nimble”
(How successful SMEs are reinventing global business, Oxford Economics)

  • An SME with the right products and services can focus on markets and customers offering the greatest growth opportunities, regardless of geographic location
  • The crème-de-la-crème of SMEs are the ‘hidden champions’ - hugely successful, often private or family-owned firms, which have won a leading global share of a specialist market

Breezeholme is helping to create new European market-leading SMEs

We know that SMEs can generate fantastic returns for shareholders.  However, funding can be a barrier for even the most ambitious of them

  • Often, they don’t fit the criteria for bank lending aimed at established businesses, for raising money on the stock exchange, or for private equity funds focused on much larger deals

European, national and local government initiatives to boost funding for SMEs recognise this funding gap, and new SME funding platforms are also emerging 

  • Recently, the European Commission launched a new investment instrument as part of its Horizon 2020 programme, targeting “highly innovative SMEs showing a strong ambition to develop, grow and internationalise”  

As an investor, Breezeholme helps to bridge the funding gap for high potential SMEs in Healthcare, Business Services and Technology which need €100k-€500k to drive their growth and expansion

  • To maximize the impact of our own skills and resources, we maintain a very clear investment focus. So, although a wide variety of potentially successful businesses deserve funding, not all of them fit our investment criteria.