Data Protection
In relation to any personal data that you may provide to us in connection with your use of this Website, 'Breezeholme' is committed to following policies which protect the privacy of such personal data and which comply with current data protection laws and regulations in respect of use of such personal data. We will only obtain personal data from you for the purposes of communicating with you on any issues or questions which you raise under the section "Contact us". Please do not send us any confidential or proprietary material as we do not undertake any obligations of non-disclosure or non-use of material sent to us. 

To safeguard the confidentiality of your personal data and information contained in this Website 'Breezeholme' implements security measures in line with industry standard practices. All of our servers are housed in a secure ISO 27001 certified datacenter behind a secure firewall that prevents access to our databases from unauthorised users. The Datacenter is protected by physical security, with limited access to authorised staff only. 

We may also use aggregate information and statistics for the purposes of monitoring Website usage in order to help us develop this Website and our services. These statistics will not include information that can be used to identify any individual. 

We will not disclose any personal data to third parties, except where you have given your consent or where we have a legal obligation to do so. 

By submitting your personal data you consent to the use of that information. We will post changes to our Privacy Policies on this Website so that you may be aware of the information we collect and how we use it at all times.