Our European network

helps our companies connect across borders to their markets and customers

Our Network

Strong networks are the warm waters in which growing SMEs can thrive.  Networks are based on relationships - new and established - and personal reputation.  Networks are a way of sharing ideas, knowledge and contacts.  Networks can include colleagues, customers, experts, friends, advisors, investors, and even respected rivals.

Through our sector focus and experience, Breezeholme has created an exceptional base of contacts and valuable industry relationships

  • Healthcare
  • Business services
  • Technology   

We leverage our experience and presence in key European markets as they move into new geographies

  • Netherlands and Belgium
  • Germany, Switzerland and Austria
  • UK

We open up our network to help our companies reach out to customers, find commercial partners, engage advisers and connect with suppliers. And we encourage our companies to share their own networks within the Breezeholme family - our sector focus means there are many synergies and everyone wins.

How could your business benefit from being part of our network?

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