Legal Services

For European SMEs, legislation can seem like a dense jungle of regulations and procedures, especially when working across borders and expanding into new markets. Our aim is to cut a path through the complexity and guide you to a successful outcome in all legal matters. We don’t just provide advice, we get things done.

Breezeholme’s highly experienced Legal Central Services team provides legal assistance and support to our portfolio companies during their start-up and launch in all the European countries where we have a presence. That allows management teams to concentrate on developing their core business, reducing the time it take them to reach break-even and establish their products and services in the European markets they are targeting.

Our comprehensive services include:

Corporate law

  • Expert guidance during incorporation process
  • Preparation of Articles of Association/Incorporation
  • Company registration 
  • Securing business permits and authorisation
  • Setting up bank accounts and other financial arrangements 
  • Guidance during expansion through mergers and acquisitions

Commercial law

  • Advice on legal requirements affecting business growth and evolution
  • Client/customer and partnership contracts
  • Competition and intellectual property matters
  • Finance and tax issues

Labour and Employment Law

  • Guidance about recruitment and employment procedures
  • Support for HR teams

We also offer access to our external network of specialist advisers in all the European countries in which we have a presence. We work closely with Breezeholme's other Central Services teams to guarantee efficiency and ensure nothing is overlooked.

We help European SMEs achieve their full potential.

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